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    Heart TroubleHeart SurgeryHeart Valve ProsthesesCongenital Heart ProblemsHeart MurmurRheumatic Fever/Scarlet FeverStrokeHigh Blood PressureGlaucomaStomach Ulcers

    HemophiliaAnemiaLeukemiaSickle Cell DiseaseKidney DiseaseDiabetesThyroid DiseaseJaundiceLiver DiseaseHepatitis

    Hives/ShinglesSinus TroubleAsthmaEmphysemaTuberculosisPersistent CoughEpilepsyFainting/DizzinessHerpes/Cold SoresSexually Transmitted Disease

    AIDS/HIVJoint Replacement ProsthesisArthritisCancerChemotherapyCortisone MedicineBlood TransfusionPsychiatric CareDrug DependenceChild Births

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    DiabetesHeart DiseasePeriodontal Disease

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    MigrainesFrequent headachesWake up with headaches

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    Dental Health History

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    Injury to Face or JawSlow Healing Mouth SoresFever BlistersMouth UlcersSwollen GumsBleeding Gums

    Sensitivity to HotSensitivity to ColdMouth OdorBad Taste in MouthLoose TeethChange in Bite

    Aches in Jaw JointsTired Jaw or Sore MusclesClicking/Popping in JawJaw Locking-open/closedRoot Canal TherapyOrthodontic Therapy

    If you are currently experiencing pain in your mouth, where is it located?

    How do you feel about keeping your teeth for the rest of your life?

    If you’re not happy with the appearance of your teeth, what would you change?

    Select which of the following you use on a daily basis:

    Manual Toothbrush

    Electric Toothbrush

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    Mouth Rinse

    Fluoride Rinse




    Have you had previous periodontal (gum) treatment?

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    Have you had oral surgery?

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    When was it performed?

    Have you had crown and/or bridge work?

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    When was it performed?

    Have you ever had orthodontic therapy (braces)?

    If yes, when?

    Have you ever worn a bite guard, bite plane or night guard?

    If yes, do you currently wear it?

    Have you noticed any change in the position of your teeth?

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    Is it difficult to open your mouth wide?

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    Are you worried about receiving dental treatment?

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    When was your last dental treatment (ex: crown, filling, etc)?

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    Thank you for choosing our office. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care. If you have any questions regarding fees for treatments, please feel free to discuss them with us. We will make every effort to avoid misunderstandings and preserve our relationship.

    Payment for services is due at the time treatment is rendered. If you have dental insurance, we are happy to help you receive maximum allowable benefits. In order to achieve these goals, we need your assistance and understanding of our payment policies. We will process your insurance claims for reimbursement as well as accept insurance assignment from insurances in which we are Participating Providers. Our office is provided with General Benefit information from your insurance, which is not specific and does not guarantee exact amounts to be paid by your insurance carrier. If for any reason your insurance denies the claim, you will be responsible for the balance.

    Your deductible, if any, and your estimated co-payment are collected at the time of service. We cannot guarantee exact amounts to be paid by your insurance carrier. If there is any remaining balance after your insurance has processed your claim, the balance is your responsibility.

    Missed and broken appointments waste valuable resources and raise fees for everyone. In an effort to reduce this expensive waste there will be a charge of $75.00 for broken or missed appointments. A broken appointment is classified as the failure to appear for an appointment where the cancellation was not made 48 hours in advance, or lateness that results in an inability to complete scheduled treatment.

    Returned checks due to insufficient funds or closed accounts will have a $35 charge.

    If your account must be placed in the hands of a third party for collections, your account will be charged 1/3 of the total balance for the collection fee.

    If you have any questions about the above information or any uncertainty regarding your insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to ask us.


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