Severe embarrassment can stem from the damage of even a single tooth. When a tooth is noticeably flawed or missing completely, it can diminish self-esteem and possibly harm the first impression. Dr. Auslander wants to help you regain full confidence in your smile and help you feel more comfortable around others. The installation of a crown may be your solution.

A crown is a porcelain structure used to replace the entire external portion of the tooth, from the top down to the gum. This method of treatment can serve both cosmetic and tactical purposes. Crowns are the best choice in cases where tooth decay has destroyed the majority of the original tooth. They are also typical after a traumatic event has dramatically altered a tooth. Finally, crowns are an ideal option for patients who grind and clench their teeth to the point that the original structure becomes compromised.

Auslander Dental endorses crowns because they not only replicate the original tooth in function, but can also be designed to look as good or better than the original visible surface of the tooth.
Crowns are situated and secured in the mouth at our Gambrills Dental office. Using a light-sensitive resin, the original tooth adheres to the crown. That resin is hardened with a special curing light. Porcelain crowns do require some laboratory time to be created, so expect to be fitted with a temporary crown for awhile.

Post-procedure, some patients may experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, normally subsiding within a short amount of time. While porcelain crowns are thick and durable, they lack the flexibility of natural teeth, so avoiding certain foods may be necessary. Those who chose crowns in response to tooth grinding can be fitted with a nighttime mouth guard to protect the porcelain from the effects of pressure. As a whole, caring for a crown does not differ from the routine maintenance required for natural teeth.

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