Gambrills’ Dr. Bruce Auslander wants to boost your smile! He believes the best starting place for initiating a preventative program is with normalizing bi-annual exams. Combining the efforts of Dr. Auslander, his staff, and the patient, regular exams help to maintain natural oral structure, while also discouraging the development, progress, and recurrence of a variety of dental issues.

Auslander Dental recommends each patient pursue a balanced diet and daily dental routine at home. Dr. Auslander continues these efforts at the office by scheduling and performing routine dental exams. Throughout these exams, he will incorporate a litany of preventative measures and comprehensive tests, with the goal of dodging unforeseen conditions down the road. These range from complete and partial x-rays to consistent oral cancer screenings.

Auslander Dental is confident in bringing a wide range of dental services to you. If your regular exam turns more specific, we can typically provide every type of dental service without having to refer you to other specialists. This versatility saves you time and complication, while also allowing us to keep all your records in one location. Our emphasis is in total mouth care.

Honoring your commitment to regularly scheduled dental exams, along with at home care, is key to that million dollar smile. We want our patients to obtain the dream smile by upholding optimum oral health through the top of the line techniques and technologies. Valuing these processes today, including bi-annual exams, will lessen money and discomfort in dental work for years to come. Check us out.

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