On rare occasions, natural teeth cannot be salvaged and a clean slate is the best route. Due to injury, trauma, excessive decay or gum disease, replacement teeth are needed. Dr. Auslander and his staff want to help you correct missing teeth, so you will no longer be nervous to smile or be made to avoid eating your favorite foods. New advances in dental implant technology allows Auslander Dental to aid in restoring your confidence, improving your appearance, and bettering your quality of life. Dental implants function just like your natural teeth and are completely fixed into place. People of all ages utilize dental implants, whether they need to replace a single tooth or several teeth.

Many of our patients come to us frustrated with poor fitting and functioning dentures. For these concerns, we highly recommend switching to permanent implants. The troubling stability of dentures can be cured. Dental implants in place of lost teeth will give you newfound, unparalleled strength and pressure management within the mouth. Implants will also preserve your jawbone and facial appearance. Did you know that when teeth are missing, bone is lost every year? Implants can assist you in avoiding potential bone loss problems. As the only fixed alternative in situations like these, dental implants are your most secure option.

It takes approximately two months for the mouth to adapt to the implants. After that, the replacement teeth will be fully functioning, allowing the majority of our patients to return to normal activities right away. Some minor bruising and swelling in the gums can be expected, but any discomfort usually subsides with an ordinary painkiller. Make an investment in your health and self-confidence. In just a few visits to our Gambrills office near bowie, your healthy smile can return! We want you to go back to enjoying life.

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