As a whole, the mouth consists of a number of components. For a beautiful, functioning smile all parts must work in harmony. Gums, teeth, nerves, tissue and bone together build an entire mouth. If total cooperation is not achieved among those, a variety of procedures may need to be completed to restore full function.

Circumstances warranting these types of treatments include filling in gaps from missing teeth, repairing damaged teeth, addressing jawbone and gum damage, replacing worn-out dental work, curbing the pain of TMJ and possibly treating periodontal disease. Reconstructive processes may be performed independently, but when multiple oral health issues exist, full mouth restoration is often suggested.

Correcting the aforementioned issues may call for crowns, bridges, fillings, implants and veneers. Surgical procedures will require anesthesia, so patients must be in stable health. To determine appropriate treatments, a first-time, consultation appointment is protocol. Dr. Auslander will conduct an examination, take x-rays, and discuss diagnosis. A treatment plan and financial information will be explained fully. Once treatment commences, phases will be scheduled in a chronological order most logically linked to following steps.

To our patients, full mouth restoration is peace of mind that growing older does not necessitate enduring damage or embarrassment in your smile. A full mouth restoration is an effective way to reinstate a comfortable, functional bite, as well as a desirable cosmetic appearance. You dream of a natural bite and attractive aesthetics. So do we. We will not be satisfied until your goals are met. Schedule an appointment at Auslander Dental in Gambrills. Our team will educate you about full mouth reconstruction today. Leave the overwhelming feelings at home; begin restoring the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Visit us today!

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